Our Priorities

Mission Statement

Sullivan Transportation, Inc. – Moving freight so our customers can focus on what moves them.

Core Values

  • Honesty: we keep our word. In an industry known for cutting corners, we drive a straight line.
  • Don’t nickel and dime drivers to death. This is a quote from our founder; we still practice treating our drivers fairly and honestly.
  • Fun atmosphere. Life is too short to be miserable.
  • Treat drivers, employees, business associates, and customers with dignity and kindness – because of who we are and what we represent.


3-Year Vision Statement

This vision statement is not a set-in-stone idea. Rather, it is a living vision that will grow and change as our company and knowledge grows and changes. This is a guideline of where we want to go as a company along with who and what we want to be. We have broken our vison into three parts.

Driver Recruitment and Retention

Our goal is to have 50 Owner Operators driving for Sullivan transportation by 2021. We will be using word of mouth from our current drivers and using social media to get the word out that we are hiring.  We are increasing driver recruitment bonus from $300.00 to $500.00 for anyone who recruits an Owner Operator once the person has been with Sullivan Transportation 90 days.

Headquarters and Staffing

As we grow our fleet, we will need to grow our headquarters and our staff. We would like to have a 10-acre terminal here in Northwest Indiana by 2021.  We will add additional dispatchers and office staff as we grow.

Fleet Additions

We are going to start a local day cab run in the Chicago land area we will have our first local truck and driver during summer 2019.

We will continue to grow our trailer fleet as we bring on more owner operators.